Laura Goldstein



some stars far             underground     found a blue flame     of the sun’s                 same

center    deep in                  burned   out loud    star         t           to see                  people

who were around    and when the others    took a pound of flesh         you could        only

learn.          hound     the fresh blossom    of  era upon  era,   shroud    the faltering   hum

the  um  down   the   peaked   never.      bound  and  having  the  trust  resound, there the

sum     refuse    and   re   fuse     the  line,      cloud  of  us,   little  plus  and  little     minus


heavy ribbon             space   whatever   break  punctuates  the   existing   beat        a pace

hum from practice    by heart squeeze in smooth muscle )  wrap in clear plastic        freeze

scaffold with answer  perched-  silently animated   blind process   oiled between  what rule

undulate sorrow’s other  right hand  a medium  inbound  word  lan  d  gauge    rich mineral
undersea plain veined  shadow  print  upon  wave  belly  and  beneath,  on e floor see path

small  shells   spread   scoop   soak   fine   film   weeds   root   in   the   yonder     miniature


a part of the weather is missing,           such a story       that much   what statistic   sees

clouds as a task   close      in   on      crush  ed   ones      some   water        is now static

snow    one part      a house   is   so   still      forty years      or so       where   were    the

piles sliding lightly will          a forced entry say what a safe day doesn’t         don’t worry

more pouring onto the front of a house          most parts stay focused heavy in the world

crowds pull a shield of rain into a day to deflect a more dire decision.           a cataclysm

calls for a clean break.  a loud one.  what fell rush  es    down   now, the road      plowed

laura goldstein has two chapbooks: ice in intervals and day of answers. she has published a lot on the internet, too. she teaches writing at loyola and the school of the art institute, and co-curates the Red Rover reading series with Jennifer Karmin in Chicago

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