Laura LeHew

/Some Limits to Happiness/

1. pain was always her objective

2. leaving your phone at his house

3. collecting angels—if you survive I’m the one
with walls between us

4. self portrait as the wrong journal
as a fiery skirt a girl scout leader
carved upon the poems of her hands

5. code switching a false necessity

6. coyote fence in the windless latitudes

7. I’m starting to recognize you

8. the nightmare of the earth the shape of my life
this shift in thought lodged
in their throats

9. a distal fragment

10. pollen on the roof

Laura LeHew is an award winning poet. Her work appears in a myriad of national and international journals and anthologies. She earned a MFA in writing from CCA and residencies from Soapstone and the Montana Artists Refuge. Laura edits Uttered Chaos She has eight cats, one husband, and never sleeps.

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